Bikebox Demo

See how easy it is to use the Bikebox!

Bikes, Bins & Buggies

De-clutter your house & garden

  • Bikes & buggies hanging out in your hall, sitting room and kitchen?
  • Foxes delighting in your rubbish?

Easy Access & Extra Storage

  • Dragging your bikes through the house to get to work and school?
  • Could you use an extra 4 sqm for the DIY tools, spare paint cans, footie-kit?

You've come to the right place!

Below you will find out more about our process, price and projects

QSCTHMO interview

Check out this great video by YouTube vlogger QSCTHMO interviewing the designer, Lawrence and getting a demo of the Bikebox by Tracey

Our Story


Based in East London - Hackney Wick

Riding a bike around Hackney has always been a thing. Since before the days of a reliable overground train taking us West-bound.  


Bikes hanging out in the hall

We've had our share of bikes nicking our hallway walls and being nicked parked on the street.  Between storing them and keeping them, we needed a better solution.


Bikebox - an urbane solution to an urban problem

We wanted a secure bike storage solution.  It needed to be a practical, accessible, multifunctional answer to keeping our bikes safe and out of our hall.  And we wanted it to be stunning.

Bikebox is a secure bike shed for bike parking or storing your bins and buggies.

Into the Details

How we make our money


We design and manage fabrication of bespoke bike boxes - most suitable to the typical Victorian terrace front garden.  

Want to see it in the metal?


We have a clutch of bike storage boxes in place in East and South London, as well as one in Leicester. Get in touch if you would like to see them. 

The neighbours have been calling


The first box was for us.  The neighbours have been knocking on the door to have one too.  That's how it's going.  Come check one out for yourself.

The big news!


We have a number of bikeboxes installed across London.  Our next orders are in design consultation and will be installed in Stoke Newington.

I want one! Now what?


Get in touch for an free initial survey with our design team.

Please look at our FAQ section

On the Design Board


We are interested in exploring the options - different finishes, size configurations and applications. Get in touch to discuss.